Shamanic Hypnotherapy

Shamanic Hypnotherapy is a unique healing art that integrates the healing benefits of Shamanism and hypnotherapy.  Through meditative journeying, each healing art strengthens and compliments the other.

In Shamanism, the shaman takes the journey to heal another’s psyche. In hypnotherapy, the client takes the healing journey while the facilitator spiritually assists the journey through coaching and maintaining a sacred space. Each modality uses it’s journeying techniques to move past various psychic defenses connected to an original wounding.  By being able to move past one’s psychic defenses, it allows the practitioner of each art to access “hidden and untouchable” wounded  areas within the client’s psyche.

The strength of Shamanic Hypnotherapy is that it provides the practitioner the option of using either the shamanic or hypnotherapy method of journeying to access hidden and untouchable areas of wounding.  This option is powerful for the shamanic hypnotherapy practitioner, for each modality compliments and deepens the healing progress of the other.  When one method is not able to attain all the information/energy needed for the healing process to be complete, the other modality ‘s method will.   Quite often our psyche’s defenses around an original wounding will unconsciously block the  healing process from moving forward as a way to protect us from experiencing any uncomfortableness during the healing process.  By applying both modality approaches to the healing process our psychic defenses can’t keep up.  They surrender the battle in blocking the flow of energy to occur, which allows the healing process to continue.

Through the Shamanic Hypnotherapy classes you’ll receive training in how to use the strengths of each modality along with knowledge and skills in how they compliment each other.

Outline of Training Classes/Healing Focus

  • Chakra Aura Alignment I
  • Chakra Aura Alignment II
  • Pacing (client/facilitator rapport and ethics)
  • Inductions (reaching meditative state)
  • Art of Shamanic Hypnotherapy Journeying( meditative state and ethics)
  • Emotional Hypnotherapy Healing I (rescuing one’s inner child)
  • Soul Retrieval I (attaining one’s power animal)
  • Emotional Hypnotherapy Healing II (healing shadow)
  • Soul Retrieval II (healing shadow)
  • Guides and Resources (connecting to inner and outer resources)
  • Spirit Retrieval (angelic enlightenment)
  • Past Programming (cutting unhealthy psychic chords and contacts)
  • Natural Remedies and Medicine Allies
  • Earth Empowerment
  • Self Integration I (healing fragmented sub-personal ties)
  • Self Integration II (synergy empowerment within self)
  • Wilderness Intensive (power of the sacred circle)
  • Art of Long Distance Healing I
  • Shamanic Hypnotherapy Empowerment
  • Establishing a Practice (clinical issues and ethics)