Shamanism is a healing art that has origin from ancient cultures found thoughout the planet, especially from North and South America, Mongolia and parts of the mideast. This healing art can be traced back thousands of years before language was recorded.  Shamanism takes a feminine approach to healing that embraces nature as an ally of creation.  It holds a belief that nature is creator’s reflection of unconditional love and will on earth.  Creator’s love can be seen through nature’s natural way of allowing all life forms to co-exist: rocks, plants, insects, reptiles, birds, animals and galactic interstellar beings, and others.  Shamanism gives reverence to creator’s will on earth by observing the innate will of all life forms (except humans) to survive, while excepting death as a natural way of surrendering to creator’s will.

It’s the collective consciousness of shamans to embrace and protect mother earth’s unconditional love of all life forms.  The collective mission of shamans is to steer humanity back into a spiritual balance of receiving and surrendering to creator’s feminine/masculine energies of love and divine will.

Wholistic Journeys is a healing art that embraces primarily, but not exclusively, a North American approach of shamanism. It also incorporates Egyptian Shamanic Alchemy.

Focus of classes and healing sessions, but not limited to:

  • Healing, balancing and empowering one’s aura.
  • Techniques in psychic self-protection, and strengthening one’s lightshield.
  • Developing skills in shamanic journeying.
  • Creating and meditating with one’s medicine wheel.
  • Building spiritual allies (elemental, animal, angelic).
  • Extracting negative energy and astral entities.
  • Skills in the art of long-distance healing.

Benefits include:

  • The ability to say yes to one’s life journey.
  • Greater feeling of peace and love of life.
  • Attunement to nature.
  • Connectiveness to one’s sacred space.
  • Healing of one’s past.
  • The ability to stay in the moment and co-create your destiny.
  • Higher vitality of one’s physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.
  • And the serenity to surrender to one’s creator.

Outline of Shamanic Core Classes
Chakra Aura alignment I (petals, colors and energy patterns)
Chakra Aura alignment II (self-protection, psychic cords and light shield)
Art of Shamanic Journeying (techniques and ethics)
Soul Retrieval I (power animal)
Soul Retrieval II (healing shadow)
Spirit Retrieval (angelic enlightenment)
Natural Remedies and Medicine Allies
Earth Empowerment
Wilderness Intensive I (power of the sacred circle)
Art of Long-Distance Healing I
Establishing a Practice (clinical issues and ethics)
Rite of Passage (a supervised overnight shamanic healing session)
Each student is required to keep a journal of his or her spiritual journey throughout the course and submit a three-page summary upon completion/advisory session.

I look forward to journeying with you, to heal your past, deepen the moment and empower your future.  Best of journeys.  See you on the inner!
John Amoroso