Prana Alchemia

Prana Alchemia is a universal healing art that has its origin from around the world. It’s a healing art that embraces healthy life-giving forces from both our planet and the angelic worlds.  Prana means life-giving force.  Prana comes from the four elements of our planet: earth, air, water and fire.  Alchemia is the feminine unseen energy from the angelic worlds.  Alchemia is the energy that creates positive alchemy for spiritual transformation.

Since the beginning of humanity’s history B.C., mankind has been finding ways to connect with the elements of earth, and to understand how the heavens effect our auric fields.  In recent times, from all over the world, shamans and master healers have come forth with their knowledge of how Prana Alchemia energy connects with our aura, chakras, meridians and physical body.

Wholistic Journeys will take you on an experiential journey of opening your chakras to receive earth’s blessing of prana energy.  We’ll explore the different frequency of energy from plants, trees, rivers, lakes, air and fire.  You’ll receive healing skills in being able to identify, heal and balance prana energy as it moves through your physical, emotional, mental and intuitive bodies, along with skills in removing toxic energies from your aura and techniques to strengthen your immune system.

Through Wholistic Journeys, you’ll also receive healing skills in identifying and working with alchemia energy.  Advance practices of alchemy meditation will be given to speed up one’s karma, increase the light quotient of the aura and attain the ability to shift one’s attention from linear (past to future) reality to 5th dimension reality (being in the moment outside duality).  By applying the secrets of alchemy, you’ll be able to interweave alchemia energies with prana energy, allowing you to ground your dreams in the moment, and become a co-creator of your destiny.

I look forward to being present with you in the moment and helping you become a co-creator of your destiny.
John Amoroso