Shamanic Reiki

Shamanic Reiki is a healing art that utilizes the strengths and benefits of both modalities. It’s designed to deepen one’s knowledge of both arts.  It also provides one’s self with a richer connecting to both the elemental kingdom of earth and the spirit worlds beyond linear time.   Through the powers of alchemy, both healing arts are integrated together.  This integration gives the practitioner more versatility throughout the healing process along with a greater command of the Reiki symbols.

Reiki is primarily a passive healing art.  The practitioner is encouraged to be open and surrender to the Reiki flow of energy.  When the practitioner uses the Reiki symbols, the emphasis for the practitioner is to let the higher wisdom and power of the Reiki energy do the healing.  In Shamanism, the healing art is more active.  The practitioner quite often is engaged in decision-making for the client’s highest good.  He/she will interact with both the client and spirit world openly and inwardly.  Through Wholistic Journeys you’ll learn skills in becoming versatile with both passive and active healing approaches for neither approach by itself is less or greater than the other.  Rather, it’s a question of which approach aligns with the individual.

Through Wholistic Journeys you’ll be given ancient shamanic knowledge of the Reiki symbols that are not taught in traditional Reiki Schools.  This knowledge goes beyond memorization of the symbols.  It allows one to be actively conscious of the origin of powers being invoked throughout the elemental and spirit worlds.  By having this knowledge, one will become a more powerful practitioner.  One will acquire skills in being able to deepen their presence in the moment and have access to the creative and healing spiritual powers beyond linear reality.  The alchemy of the  two arts will also enable one to shamanically journey into the lower, middle and upper angelic worlds with greater ease and mastery.

Outline of Shamanic Reiki Core Classes

Chakra Aura Alignment I  (petals, colors and energy patterns)
Chakra Aura Alignment II (self-protection, psychic colors and light shield)
Reiki I
Medicine Wheel/Sacred Circle
Soul Retrieval I (power animal)
Earth Empowerment
Reiki II (healing and journeying skills)
Soul Retrieval II (healing, shadow, lower and middle world)
Reiki III (healing and journeying skills)
Spirit Retrieval (angelic enlightenment, upper world)
Reiki IV (healing and journeying skills)
Art of Long Distance Healing I
Establishing A Practice
Classes are not necessarily given in chronological order, rather a movement of focus guided by the facilitator.

I look forward to extending your boundaries of healing.

Best of journeys,
John Amoroso