Shamanic Kung Fu

Shamanism and Kung Fu are healing arts that embrace some of the oldest lineages of spiritual wisdom throughout the planet.  Through the ages, both healing arts have been rich in the art of physical movement and energy flow.  In ancient times (early B.C. and before), shamans would dance to create heightened spiritual states of ecstasy.  In the same token, kung fu masters would align their bodies to the movements of animals as a way to evoke a higher chi energy flow throughout their auric fields. Along with physical movement, both arts seek  the spiritual medicine of animals.  Shamans for spiritual guidance and instinctive healing abilities, Kung Fu for martial powers, meridian chi flow, physical strength and chakra empowerment.

Whether it’s a shaman using a medicine wheel or a kung fu martial artist embracing the ying yang symbol, each practitioner surrenders to his or her path that all things move to a greater good and will of the creator.

It’s my intent to draw upon the vast richness of both healing arts to deepen your spiritual journey.  The depth of these arts is so great that one could not learn it all in one’s lifetime.

Thankfully my journey through life has brought me over 20 years of experience with these rich arts, and I am grateful to share their skills and benefits with you:

  • Movement/meditations to open your meridians, empower your chakras, and expand your aura.
  • Develop internal chi strength.
  • Strengthening one’s connecting to his or her animal power.
  • Becoming more grounded.
  • Enhancing one’s shamanic journeying skills through body posture and movement.
  • Increases one’s psyche and intuitive abilities.
  • Techniques in opening the corridors of time.
  • Conquering one’s fears.
  • The ability to track energy.
  • Greater powers to extract negative energies.
  • The ability to surrender to one’s journey and say yes to it.

Course outline of class focuses to meet one’s individual needs:

Chakra-aura Alignment I (petals, colors and energy patterns)
Chakra-aura Alignment II (self-protection, psychic chords and light shield)
Chi Kung I (strengthening chakras/aura)
Art of Journeying I (techniques and ethics)
Soul Retrieval I (power animal)
Shaolin I (power animal movements, jing)
Wudang I (power animal movements, chi)
Soul Retrieval II ( healing shadow)
Chi Kung II (extracting negative energies)
Spirit Retrieval (angelic enlightenment)
Chi Kung Fu I (jing, chi, shen, alignment)
Shamanic Kung Fu I (creating one’s journey)
Shamanic Kung Fu II (internal-external power)

I look forward to helping you create a healing dance of strength and power.
John Amoroso