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Wholistic Journeys is a cross-cultural multi-modality spiritual healing art.  It provides an awakened transformational journey through life by healing your past, deepening the moment, and empowering your future.  Wholistic Journeys is a healing art that is committed to empowering each person’s unique divine light for the healing transformation of self and the planet.

Wholistic Journeys embraces a vast array of cross-cultural healing modalities designed to heal one’s physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.  These modalities have been time-tested and proven effective over thousands of years by avatars, shamans, spiritual healers and healing masters from all cultures of the planet.

As a shaman and founder of Wholistic Journeys, I interweave cross-cultural healing modalities together to create a uniquely crafted healing art for each person’s wholistic needs (alchemy).

Each healing art is spiritually guided and designed to create healthy energy shifts in one’s auric field.  These energy shifts are effective in transmuting unhealthy parasitic energy veils of emotional pain, despair, and fear into a life of love, hope and joy.

Let us take a wholistic journey together and heal your past; deepen the moment, and empower your future by creating a healing modality (or modalities) designed for you. 

Enroll in Wholistic Journeys Shamanic Alchemy Masters Program to become a master healer.  Reshape your destiny, and join the awakened vanguard of Shamanic Healers healing the planet today.

Many blessings; best of journeys.
John Amoroso