Channeling the Ascended Masters

It’s been my pleasure throughout many lifetimes to work directly and indirectly with the Ascended Masters: El Morya, St. Germain, Kuthumi, Djwal Ku and Mother Mary.   These masters are not the only ones I work with, but are the most active in my auric field.  I’m very grateful for their presence which embodies the Christ light, set for on earth by Avatar Jesus Christ.

Throughout my journey of becoming a healer, they have assisted me with inspiration and knowledge in becoming a channel for the Christ light of love, power and joy.

Earth is in the mist of healing a deep feminine wound of feeling abandonment from the masculine angelic world.  This feeling of abandonment and mistrust has created a large gap between the healing powers of mother earth and the masculine light energies of the spirit world.  Until a healing bridge between the two worlds gets created, humanity’s collective energy field will continue to stay unbalanced.  It’s the focus of my healing work (with the assistance of the Ascended Masters) to help unify and align the healing intentions of the spirit world with the healing powers of mother earth.

The ascended masters are very keen on being able to identify and heal any imbalances or negative energy patterns that we may hold.  They also love to give assistance and energy to the healing process.

Each ascended master focuses (but is not limited to) a particular spiritual attribute (ray) coming into earth’s auric field from the angelic realm and beyond:

El Morya: will
St. Germain: transmutation/transformation
Kuthumi: wisdom
Djwal-Kul: love and wisdom
Mother Mary: love and wisdom and forgiveness.

If you’re not familiar with the ascended masters, I recommend the following book to read to help you get started and acquaint yourself with them:

The Ascended Masters Light The Way
Beacons of Ascension
Chapters 33 through 37, by Joshua David Stone, Ph.D.

I look forward to being a channel of light and guidance for you as you open yourself to an ascended master.

Best of spiritual journeys,
John Amoroso