The Journey

Each moment of our lives the creator greets us with a warm smile, open arms, and invites us to take a journey into creation with love and joy.  All we have to do is say yes.  Saying yes allows our experiences to become a bridge of knowledge from which we can navigate from a journey of pain to a journey of joy.  “This journey is beyond a person, place or thing; it’s a choice to be.”

This choice to be is a commitment to a new beginning in each moment of your life in receiving creator's grace of love, power and joy

By saying yes to your spiritual journey, you open a door for creator to ignite both your inner and outer guides to come forth.  These guides assist you in creating spiritual meaning of your life experiences and an awakening to your true spiritual gifts.

As a spiritual facilitator and guide, I walk a journey of assisting those who are seeking to create a stronger wholistic understanding of themselves, and a commitment to saying yes to their journey.

When you say yes to your life’s journey, you assist me in traveling back on an energetic timeline to heal parts of you that are wounded and asking to be healed.  By healing your past you strengthen your commitment to be present in the moment and experience a richer understanding of your spiritual gifts.  As you move deeper into the present, your capacity to experience creator’s gifts of love, power, and joy will grow.  With the awakening of your spiritual gifts, I’ll assist you with your inner guides to reshape and empower your future destiny.

Many blessings.  I look forward to seeing you through the corridors of time.
John Amoroso