Chi Kung/Kung Fu

Chi Kung/Kung Fu is a powerful healing art of spiritual meditation (shen), energy flow (chi), and physical health through animal movements (jing).  Chi/Kung/Kung Fu has its origin from China.  Its roots go back to Wudang Mountain around the mid 1200s and the Shaolin Temple approximately 500 A.D.  Chi Kung/Kung Fu is a rich and deep healing art with a long history of masters contributing to it.  Zhang San Feng was a leading founder of Wudang Purple Summit Temple.  There, he introduced three internal chi/kung fu styles: Tai chi chuan, Pakua, and Hsing Yi.

An Indian Buddhist monk named Ba tuo was the founder of Shaolin Kung Fu.  He brought an awareness of utilizing exercise and animal movements to strengthen one’s physical body (jing) and spiritual meditation practices (shen).

Through Wholistic Journeys you’ll receive the essence of both internal and external chi kung/kung fu. Internal chi kung/kung fu comes primarily from the Wudang masters of China, with an emphasis on developing internal chi (healthy energy flow) first, followed by development of physical health and strength (jing) second.  External chi kung/kung fu has it’s origin from the Shaolin  Temple, with an emphasis on physical animal-like movements to strengthen the body (jing) first, followed by opening the meridian gateways and developing internal energy strength (chi) later.

Through a hands–on experiential format of spiritual meditation, creating chi flow, and physical animal movements, Wholistic Journeys will interweave both internal and external healing techniques for your personal wholistic needs.   From a beginner’s level to a blackbelt proficiency in the art of spiritual/martial healing, you’ll gain skills in empowering your auric field, expanding your physical and psychic sacred space, deepening your intuitive abilities, removing fear from your emotional body, attaining skills in psychic and physical self-defense, grounding your life’s purpose and strengthening your capacity to be a spiritual channel for healing.

I look forward to embracing the dragon within you.
John Amoroso