Reiki is a healing art of allowing one’s self to become a channel/transmitter of universal life force. It has its origin from Japan.  Its roots go back to the late 1800s from Kyoto, Japan.  Its founder is dr. Mikao Usui.  Dr. Usui was a spiritual man that was much inspired by Jesus’ healing of the sick and Buddha’s spiritual practices.  Through deep meditation and studying of ancient Sanskrit symbols, Dr. Usui came forth with a healing art to strengthen one’s ability to be a transmitter of healing energy.

Reiki is a hierarchical healing art that requires one to meditate on different symbols (keys) in order to open one’s auric field to the flow of universal life energy.

These symbols are to be used progressively in relation to one’s ability to balance the universal flow of energy moving through their chakra/auric fields.

Usage of Reiki symbols along with guidance of balancing one’s chakras will be given in four different Reiki attunements:

Reiki I: student.  Becoming a conscious transmitter of the Reiki energy flow and openness to receive the blessings of the lineage of Reiki masters.
Reiki II: practitioner.  Attunement and usage of Reiki symbols to strengthen the Reiki flow of energy.
Reiki III: adept.  Becoming versatile in the usage of various symbols to deepen one’s commitment to becoming a proficient healer of self and others.
Reiki IV: master.  Usage of master symbol to prepare one’s initiation into a spiritual lineage of masters; and command of all Reiki symbols.

I look forward to opening your keys to a more meaningful journey of love, power and joy.

Many blessings,
John Amoroso