Individual Healing Session
(story of our journey)


It’s my intention to provide a sacred space for anybody who wishes to take a journey with me down the path of healing integration and spiritual empowerment. By faith in divine appointment, we’ll continue our journey together as long as it serves our highest good.

Please know that I’m here to listen to your story with the intent of supporting it by adding my own journey of spiritual strength and life experiences.  In the event you find you would like to change parts of your story, I will help you pause a moment, take a deep breath, look at your life’s journey, and see where you would like to change it.  Like an artist creating a canopy of moving landscapes, I’ll help you create a new journey of your choice.

By showing up and sharing our stories, a divine intent is created.  From this intent, much healing magic and a story of a wonderful journey to be lived begins to unfold.

I look forward to showing up and crafting the pages of wonder and healing magic with you.
John Amoroso