Alchemy is a process of integrating two different elements and creating a third.  In medieval times alchemy was used to transform base metals into gold.

To meet the wholistic needs of our times the ancient but well guarded knowledge of alchemy has come forth, not to change base metals into gold, but to heal, transform and empower our spiritual journey through life.

Today’s alchemy (known as spiritual alchemy), is a healing art of crafting two or more healing modalities together to create a third.  This third healing modality has an energetic signature that’s connected to the other two, but independently more evolved than each one separately.  Being spiritually inspired, this third holographic energy pattern/matrix created has an intelligence of its own.  It will pull the healing properties of the other two together to create a deeper healing than was originally intended.  Through spiritual alchemy we can create a holographic energy matrix in our aura to heal not only what’s present in the moment, but an extended healing throughout our past and into the future.

The human energy matrix is composed of many auric fields, each energetically vibrating at different speeds.  Every auric field has a chakra/crystal onto itself.  The purpose of each chakra/crystal is to transport life-giving energy from one auric field to another.

When our crystals get clogged, energy is not able to move appropriately throughout our physical and spiritual bodies.  Our chakra/crystals get clogged due to toxic wastes, unhealthy foods, and negative emotions, thoughts and spirits.  Through spiritual alchemy we can unclog our chakra/crystals, revitalize our aura, and reprogram our DNA to heal in new ways we never dreamed of.

I look forward to assisting you in creating a new dream and healing journey of love, hope and joy.

Many Blessings,
John Amoroso

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