Shamanic Alchemy

Shamanic Alchemy is a master training program in becoming a master facilitator of the healing arts.  It specializes in, but is not limited to, the Art of Long Distance Healing and Spiritual Integration.  It’s a program designed to expand and deepen one’s understanding of how healing energy can be transferred from one healing modality to another, along with creating healing synergy between the physical and spiritual worlds.

The foundation of shamanic alchemy is the integration (alchemy) of three healing modalities working in alignment with each other (synergy).  The craft of shamanic alchemy is to have one of the three healing modalities function as the primary modality, while the other two function as a secondary support system. The primary modality establishes the intent and framework for the healing process.  The secondary modalities give versatility and depth to the process.  The goal of shamanic alchemy is to align one’s natural strengths as a healer with one’s life purpose.

Through this program you’ll attain skills that can’t necessarily be taught openly, but can be experienced through a master facilitator/student relationship.  It’s my intent to work closely with you through a one-on-one format.  I’ll help you design and create a healing art that allows you to stand in your divine truth and shine your light into the world.

With each individualized healing art crafted, the following foundation of healing skills will be explored:

Chakra Aura  Alignment (healing balancing and empowering the aura)
Shamanic Journeying (ethics and techniques)
Alchemy I (healing one’s inner archetypes)
Alchemy II (integration of one’s inner and outer resources)
Synergy I (alignment between primary modality and one’s self)
Synergy II (alignment between 3rd, 4th, and 5th dimensional resources)
Alchemy Synergy I (integration/alignment with three modalities)
Alchemy Synergy II (transference of energy between modalities)
Shamanic Alchemy I (transference of healing skills through past, present and future realities)
Shamanic Alchemy II (standing in one’s truth; walking the path of enlightenment)

I look forward to holding sacred space for you so you may become one of the vanguard of healers healing the planet today.

See you in the light,
John Amoroso