Classes/Healing Focus

Each healing art can be taken as an effective art within itself, or integrated with another.

As a multi-modality consultant, I give much gratitude and reverence to the spiritual teachers both in the physical and spiritual worlds that have contributed to the origin of these wonderful healing modalities.

These cross-cultural healing modalities are the foundation of knowledge and inspiration that have contributed to the creation of Wholistic Journeys.  Over the last 20 years or more, their knowledge and spiritual essence has flowed in and out of my life.  They’ve assisted me in building an ongoing healing art known as Wholistic Journeys, from which I can journey from a place of pain to a place of love, power and joy.

Having spiritually traveled with these modalities, I offer them in the same honor and respect from which they have been passed down through the centuries from master to teacher, then teacher to student.

Either for your own wholistic healing or for becoming a healing practitioner, each healing modality will be presented with the highest of professionalism and integrity to meet each person’s wholistic needs. 

I look forward to working with you!
John Amoroso