Shamanic Healer

Greetings spiritual seeker. It’s my sincere intention to extend my hand out to you and embrace you on your journey through life. I invite you to connect with me spiritually,that we may come together and share our journey. Through faith in divine appointment, I’m holding sacred space for our spirits to connect.  Like two rivers that travel across hundreds of miles and connect at a designated spot, creator knows the time and place for our connecting.  As our spirits connect, please know that I am here for you.  I will listen to both your inner and outer journey.

Spiritual Mission

It’s my spiritual mission to provide a healing journey for myself and others for the spiritual healing of the planet.  I’ve journeyed back from a future healed state of myself and the planet to fulfill this mission.  It’s a mission of expanding love and joy as part of the human journey.  It’s about bringing Earth’s future healed state into the moment.

Earth’s future healed state resides in another spiritual dimension, which co-exists with our present linear reality.  When one experiences love and joy, one opens a spiritual door in their auric field to an unlimited corridor of time.  In this multi-corridor of time, one has access to their past, present and future realities.

Through divine will of the creator, my spirit has traveled along an energetic time line through the constellation of the big bear to meld with humanity’s struggle on Earth.  A struggle of moving from an energy vibration of fear and self interest to one of love, compassion and spiritual surrender.

Over the last 20 years or more, I’ve come to acquire many cross-cultural healing modalities as a means to heal my wounds and strengthen my spiritual mission.  I’ve learned many shamanic skills in being able to move through the corridors of time to heal the past, deepen the moment, and co-create with my future.  However, the greatest gift I share with humanity and the hardest spiritual gift for me to have acquired was the ability to surrender and say yes to my life’s journey.  By saying yes, you move from a vibration of hopelessness to a place of empowerment.  It’s a statement that spontaneously begins to surrender your gifts and pains for a greater divine power within yourself.  A power beyond your mind and emotions.  A power that when it hears the word yes, begins to build a spiritual bridge from which one can navigate from an experience of pain to an experience of love and joy.

By surrendering to my life’s journey and saying yes to becoming whole, I am now able and willing to hold sacred space in the moment. I look forward to holding a sacred space for you, and helping you say yes to your spiritual journey.

John’s Spiritual Focus and Training

John is a master facilitator and teacher of the healing arts.  He specializes in Shamanic Alchemy, the art of long distance healing and spiritual integration.

Through a process of Shamanic Alchemy, John interweaves Native American Shamanism with Chinese Martial Arts, Hypnotherapy, Chakra Energy Work, Massage, and Spiritual Channeling.

John trained under Dr. Alex Tanous; renowned psychic, parapsychology pioneer/author, and Master Choakoksui; Philippine Prana Energy Healer.  John also studied intensively in Spiritual Alchemy, and Alchemia Energy Healing at Dove Star’s Institute for Healing Technology.  Presently, John is continuing his healing studies with an Egyptian Shamanic Master.

Other healing skills and certificates acquired include: Blackbelt/Founding of Shamanic Kung Fu, Reiki Mastership, Kriya Massage, and Alchemical Hypnotherapy.  John also has accreditation with the American council of Hypnotherapy Examiners and National Certification of Massage.