September 14, 2010

To Whom It May Concern:

I have suffered over four years with foot pain and sought many ways to find relief including surgery one year ago. The western medicine approach has been very black and white and included many expensive physical therapy sessions. I was disheartened to still be struggling with the lingering pain when a dear friend recently recommended John Amoroso. Although I can be a bit of a skeptic, I was ready to explore a whole new dimension with him.

The experience has been truly amazing. Just a couple of sessions with John, and the pain dramatically diminished. Now I can say I am recovering!!! I am even belly dancing again which I have not been able to do for a long time.

John is the healer I have been looking for. I only wish I had met him sooner. As a Shamanic practitioner, his gifts and talents are powerful. Yet he is able to present them in a manner which is both clear and concise. His kindness and genuine interest in his clients is heart warming.

My wish is that everyone could have the very positive experience of being treated by this special healer.

Glenda MacLachlan
Scarborough, Maine

August 29, 2010

Testimonial to John Amoroso’s healing touch:

In August 2010 I was taken to Maine Medical Center’s ER with heavy nausea and a severe burning pain in my abdomen. A CT Scan showed that it was not my appendix. I was discharged - much poking told them nothing. A week later I was admitted to MMC for tests. In the days ahead I was given another CT, blood tests, colonoscopy [and more], in an attempt to find the source of the pain. Nothing to explain the level of pain I experienced was discovered. I was discharged with no answers - None at all.

John, a friend of a close friend, came over to do work on my arthritic feet. He asked to do energy work on my abdomen. I said yes, dreading more pokes. But instead, his touch was light, gentle, and within TWO MINUTES he said “This is it, isn’t it?” He was exactly on the source of the pain, near my hip bone. (The radiating pain made it hard for me to locate!) He found a lump, (and later lumps).

As John continued working on my feet, the pain in my abdomen gradually lifted and didn’t return except for a twinge, rather than a burn. This past Thursday, August 26th, I asked for help with the “twinge”, and he lifted it too! Three days later it’s still gone, hurrah! Two weeks ago John gave me an especially long energy treatment on my feet. Afterwards, my appetite (which disappeared weeks ago) returned full steam ahead; my dwindling energy returned to ROARING; and my will to live was suddenly restored. All this lasted over a week. Then I guess I needed another “fix”! I’d need to have him live nearby much more often to fix all my health problems, but I’m very, very grateful for all he has done.

All those treatments on my feet? They benefited my whole system, of course. He seems to have opened my feet to re-structured feet. My advanced arthritis and neuropathy had drawn in my feet and bound them - not anymore! I walk (stride) much more normally now, with much less pain. I still use a stick to be steady, but my feet are free to move much as they once did and [again] I’m very very grateful - I look at my feet and marvel!

John himself is quick to admit that he is no doctor and does not hesitate sending me to one, but he can sure locate pain and help lift it. He has a tender heart and wants to help others with the gift of healing touch. I believe that he has this gift, and he enjoys helping others be free of their suffering. I’m in awe of this gift and thank God John was in Maine just when I needed his help.

People who do energy work do so with the lightest touch - it’s nothing to be afraid of, therefore, I love and trust it.

Linda Lois Nutter
82 Depot Rd., #5
Falmouth, ME 041065

June 1, 2010

To Whom It May Concern:

I underwent a total knee replacement of my right knee on May 14th, 2010. I spent four days in the hospital and was then discharged to recover. I found the first week of home recovery and physical therapy to be very painful and difficult, mostly due to the swelling around the surgeon’s incision to replace the knee. Sleeping was almost impossible and movement required by physical therapy was very painful, again due to the swelling.

John Amoroso, a former neighbor, heard of my difficulties through a mutual friend, and came over and offered to try and help. Now I have, for pretty much all of my 63 years, relied on and trusted conventional medical care for any ailment I have encountered in my life and the lives of those I am entrusted with, so I was, frankly, a bit hesitant. However, I was in so much pain and at a point where I was willing to accept help from any source, I agreed to let him try.

I must admit I am at a loss to explain what it is that John did in his three sessions with me of about one hour each. I don’t understand it nor do I think I “believe” in it, as such. However, from the first session, it was evident something positive was occurring. My swelling was reduced significantly and the range of motion of my knee is now up to 90%; enough that in-home physical therapy has now been discontinued and I am cleared to begin out-patient P.T.

I am delighted with John’s work and I think, whatever he did, sped up my recovery process and reduced my pain.

Samuel Smith
Arlington, VA

28 January 2010

Mr. John Amoroso was recommended to me by a friend who has a very serious illness. She told me how the healing work he did with her was so beneficial to her. In the spring of 2009, I was going through a very difficult period of my life. The stress was affecting me both physically and spiritually. I needed professional help to relieve the pressures and physical pain. Mr. Amoroso, a healing consultant using energy work and a certified massage therapist, came into my life and provided a deeply caring, therapeutic course of healing.

He worked with me on several occasions providing deeply relaxing massages including locating trigger points that were holding a tremendous amount of stress. He slowly and methodically addressed each area releasing toxins and stress from my body. I truly felt a deep sense of calm and relaxation after each therapeutic massage. The benefits of stress reduction and a calming peace lasted not only for the day but for many days after my stress was much lessened and a sense of tranquility remained.

He is able to very quickly assess the problems and very compassionately alleviate the pain and stresses we often don’t even realize we hold in our bodies physically and spiritually. Mr. Amoroso listened attentively to my symptoms, identified the stresses and provided intense soothing massages that were, simply put, exceptional. His technical expertise, knowledge about the body’s anatomy, and intense focus on my specific issues resulted in a healing experience that other massages I have had in the past lacked. The continuous flow of his hands and constant connection with me during the therapeutic massages greatly relieved my stress and promoted a deep sense of wellbeing.

Mr. Amoroso displays a truly caring and professional demeanor. He has a quiet patience, sincere compassion and astute observation skills, all traits that are essential working with people experiencing physical, mental and emotional pain. He has a unique and gifted ability to help people in crisis.

I would highly recommend him for anyone wanting relief from pain and the stresses of life.

Chantal Middleton

After suffering a family loss early in 2009, I was very fortunate to meet John. Choosing to take the initial step to begin my journey was extremely difficult, knowing I did not have the skills to be able to move formard alone through my grief. John was my guide, teacher, healer and friend. As we journeyed together, John’s knowledge, integrity, professionalism, infinite patience, and utilization of multi-modalities were all integral to my healing process. After several months of walking with John, my steps have become lighter and I have learned new coping skills to help me along my path. While my journey continues to be bumpy, I will forever owe a debt of gratitude to John for a number of things. Most importantly, I am grateful for his infinite patience and quiet understanding, which enabled me to ask ALL questions while he knowingly framed the answers allowing me to go forward. It is without hesitation or reservation that I recommend John to others who would benefit from his skills, knowledge and abilities.

Pamela Halcrow, M.Ed.
PH Consulting
Fairfax, VA

September 2, 2008

I have been working with John Amoroso for the last 10 months. I met him at a time in my life when he was exactly what I needed to help me through my journey with cancer. I was diagnosed in Nov. 2007 with an unknown primary cancer with metastasized tumors in the right femur, ribs and liver. I knew little about wholistic healing but once I experienced his healing massages and felt the energy that came from the meditations he taught me, I have been an enthusiastic participant.

In particular as I went through my chemo treatments, I would experience severe leg pains for several days. I went through the first round never realizing that John could have helped me. By the second round of chemo we were ready and John came over once the pain went through my legs. He was able to “pull out” the pain from my bones and muscles which allowed me to relax and heal from the effects of the chemo treatment. What a gift. Through his work I was able to get through the six treatments feeling healthier and calmer. My hope is to never have to experience chemo again, but whatever happens, I feel reassured that John will again help me through this challenge.

Not only does John have a gift for helping people, but he has the caring heart to connect deeply with each of his patients Several of my good friends are now working with him for various reasons and he has helped and guided each one of them in their journey to health.

Anne Willemann